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Notion Job Search Bundle Pack

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If you're on the hunt for your dream job, look no further than the Notion Job Search Bundle Pack template! This complete bundle kit consists of a comprehensive suite of features to make your job search easier and more efficient.

Job Search Bundle Pack

From finding the right job to evaluating job offers, you'll be able to narrow down your options and organize your applications in one place. The template includes features such as a job search engine, application tracker, company database, networking board, interview readiness, interview scheduler, job offer analyzer, and more.

Apart from these features, the template also includes a resume builder kit with reusable blocks and multiple cover letter templates to ensure that you stand out from the competition. What's more, the cover letter feature includes a Chat GPT prompt that can help you come up with unique, personalized content and increase your chances of landing an interview.

All in all, this complete bundle kit makes it easy to streamline the process, so you can focus on what matters- landing your dream job.

What’s Inside

  • A resume builder kit with reusable blocks for customized resumes.
  • Multiple cover letter templates tailored to various industries.
  • A built-in job application system to help you find the best career opportunities that fit your skill set.
  • An application tracker to help you keep track of your applications and follow up with potential employers.
  • A company database to research potential companies and evaluate whether they're a good fit for you.
  • A networking board to expand your job search network and improve your chances of landing a job.
  • An interview readiness feature to help you prepare for job interviews and make a lasting impression on hiring managers.
  • An interview scheduler in the calendar view simplifies the process of scheduling interviews and saves you time.
  • A job offer analyzer to help you evaluate and compare job offers, so you can make informed decisions about your career.

How To Use This Template?

  • Following your purchase, you will be redirected to Notion.
  • In the upper right corner, click the duplicate button. (This will make a copy of the template in your workspace.)
  • Hooray!! You can now easily streamline your job search with this Notion template!


Does this work on the free version of Notion?

Yes, once you've made your purchase, a link with be sent to you to duplicate this to your Notion workspace.

How easy is it to set up and customize?

If you're familiar with Notion, this will take you seconds. If not, maybe a fraction more to get comfortable with the interface. If you need further help, you can watch a video of Notion Basics here.


If you have any feedback on how we can improve this template, feel free to contact me at

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Get hired faster with the Job Search Bundle Pack, which includes everything you need for a successful job search.

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Notion Job Search Bundle Pack

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